Privacy Policy

What customer data do we hold ?

We only hold minimal and relevant child and parent data for administrative and assessment purposes. Only data that has been volunteered by individuals, parents or guardians is held. This is the data that you volunteer when you book a session or activity.

We store the following data ..

  • Child Name
  • Child School year
  • Parent Name
  • Parent Mobile
  • Parent Email
  • Activity dates
  • Medical Information

Data is held in encrypted and password protected form and is only accessible to the microGeeks Team

You can request a copy of your data or request it is amended or deleted at any time.

Contact us here.

Sharing data

Your data will never be shared with any individual, organisation, business or agency outside microGeeks, except in the case of a criminal prosecution when data may be shared.

Child and parent data is not shared with other children and parents without the explicit permission of the child or parent who's data is to be shared.

Website cookies

We do not and have never used cookies on our websites.